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January 9, 2010

Cats and other stuff

Well, I've been bad I haven't been back for a couple of days. Tank is back! The big puffy boy. The first week back from break has been good, actually went by quickly. Next week is finals on two days plus an observation by the principal. Stressful, but I should do ok this time.
All cats accounted for, so I can relax for a couple of days. I think someone is peeing on the couch... gotta love cats...

January 5, 2010

Day Two

Well I guess I should get this one of my chest now! Lola pooped under the computer today. Found it when I sat down after coming home from work! She is really getting on my nerves. The cat really doesn't get the whole going outside to pee and poop. But she is a pretty little cat, nice calico and a lover. Currently sleeping on top of one of my cupboards.
Haven't seen Tank in three days. Usually the fuzzy guy can be seen out in the field, but it's been raining. I think he has another family somewhere or barn or something. I worry about him.
Everyone else I've seen and or heard. Man they can be noisy.

January 4, 2010

New month and it's Cats!!!

I am not the creepy old lady next door who has a zillion cats! I only have 11. Five years at this time I had 20 with two pregnant females. Now everyone is spayed or neutered and the only reason the chaos of cats increased in number is because of my beautiful daughter. She gets cats before checking it out with her landlord. Since, the 20 plus cats came along and then went to Salem Friends of Felines, leaving me with 8, my daughter has dropped three more on me. Ellie, who was one of the initial 20 so she probably doesn't actually count, Reese, and Lola. Lola has yet to figure out the cat door and uses the space under this computer to poop or pee when the need arises and she hasn't been thrown outside.
The two lovelies picture here are Reese, the yellow, and Marshall, the Flame point. The boys are lovers and sometimes fighters. Next post, perhaps Killa and Cloe... two of my daughters cats. Almost forgot, I had one cat, Bear. Then my daughter said she would get kicked out of her apartment so I took in Cloe, who was supposed to be spayed. She wasn't and Rio, the black one, and Cosmo were born. Then she dropped off Killa, supposed to be male. She wasn't... she had Marshall, Ellie, and crum I forgot the other one's name. Anyway, I kept Marshall and Kelsey too Ellie and Brandon, my son, took the one whose name I have forgotten. Then Cosmo had Mathers and three others. The black one had one huge fuzzy kitten we named Tank. The black one didn't like Tank so Cosmo who had a batch of her own, took him on. After dealing with other family stuff I contacted the wonderful folks at Salem Friends of Felines and they took the others!
So 11 cats...