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October 18, 2014

Two blogs

With the creation of Grammy Tales, I am moving all my nonfood bloggings to my new blog and keeping to my original idea of talking about food to this blog.
I am still relatively unhappy with the fresh pickings here in Northeastern Oregon. I know I am probably not looking hard enough, but then that is sort of the point now isn't it? Hermiston wants to bill itself as "You Can Grow Here." Well you can't really, the lack of easy access to fresh food of any kind, no destination restaurants, destination things to do here only happening in the summer just make a mockery of the statement. Main Street looks and feels like it is dying. When I look at how McMinnville has created its main street, I think it's 9th, into a destination I wonder what the fuck is wrong with Hermiston?
Make Main Street appealing with trees, vegetation, clean and refurbished original facades. But nope they spend 10,000 on painting the water tower and supposedly another 10,000 will go to helping business refurbish their facades, so far, I haven't seen anything. The street still looks like you are going back in time to the 70's.
But back to food or the lack thereof here in Hermiston. Only two places to grocery shop, three actually and none really have great selections of fresh meats or seafood. Sigh... The only produce stand nearby doesn't really have great selections of fresh fruits and veggies. Not sure if it will change, but I am still hoping.