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August 24, 2011

First week in Hermiston

So, here I am sitting on my beanbags beginning week two. Hermiston is a nice place to live. The people are very nice and what is even better they are supportive of their schools. Which means their kids and really makes the transition to this much smaller town a tiny bit easier to cope with.
Moving from a house to a one bedroom is quite an adjustment, but I am working it. I have to say of all the schools, ok I've only been to two longer than a few months, Hermiston's staff is the warmest and most supportive I have encountered. My daytime counter part, I am the teacher in the newly christened Innovative Learning Center night school, has fanagled a delivery truck to help me move the rest of my furniture and most importantly my school supplies from Salem to Hermiston this weekend.
Joseph Thornton and his wife Denise will make the drive to Salem help me load up, spend the night with his family in Vancouver, and then drive back to Hermiston on Saturday. I can't express my gratitude to Joseph and Denise more. They are two of the best examples of the people I have met here. Not that anyone I have met wouldn't be good examples. Joseph's two assistants, I still am waiting for mine to be hired, Becky and Jacky are on my list of the best assistants to work with, even though I only met them today. I have been blessed with some of the best assistants a teacher could have in my nearly 20 years of teachers. I wish one of them wanted to make the transition to the night school, but that ain't gonna happen.
Right now I am looking out my sliding glass doors to see sunshine glinting off of thick gray clouds. First rain, if it happens, that I will see since my move. I will take some pictures of my new surroundings once I am fully moved and settled in. It has been 27 years since my last move. This is hard really really hard and I have even questioned the choice I made to accept this position on more than one occassion this past week. I know that once my stuff is here I will begin to heal and recover and when I pay for Emma to come too my healing will be complete.

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