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September 24, 2011

Saturdays are restful

At least they are supposed to be right? And actually I am really doing nothing that I don't want to do today, so it is restful in that sense. Emma and I had our morning walk today, there are way more cars on the road at 8 am on a Saturday, than during the week. So I guess many people are not having a restful day.
I drove our walk the other day and it is about 2 miles. Not too bad, we walk about 6 out of the 7 days. Fridays are an early day, regular day for the other teachers, so we don't do our long walk. Only long enough for her morning pee and poop and then back to the apartment to get ready for work. Emma is still having anxiety over cars driving, but I am holding out hope that she will relax with time.
There is a young Weimeriner, I am sure that isn't spelled right, that really really wants to approach Emma, but she doesn't. She is a beautiful dog, she opts to stalk us for awhile and then trots back to her territory. She is a good dog in that respect. Doesn't bark insanely like the huge and beautiful German Shepard on First Street and hopefully if she ever does approach close enough for a sniff Emma doesn't growl at her like she did the neighbor's dog. Emma is quite the fuss budget, but man I wish the growling would stop since Nika only wants to play. I am afraid to let her off leash in case she reacts like she does with Trixie. Depending on bills, I hate that, I may buy an electronic training collar, the one Matt broke really cowed her.
Today is supposed to be hot, 90 according to the Kennewick news. Just like Salem, Hermiston doesn't have a local, ok Kennewick is way closer to Hermiston than Portland is to Salem. I haven't really sat down and watched the nightly news, I miss the 5pm because I am at work, by 11 pm I am ready for bed.
Thinking about what to cook for dinner tonight and tomorrow, game hen and something else. Need some veggies to. Can't go grazing at the local fresh market this weekend so I will limited to what Safeway has.

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