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June 26, 2012


I have been doing a lot of writing. Hence, I have done little writing here. My three weeks with the Oregon Writer's Project is nearly up, only two days left. My writing over the last three weeks became more of soul search. I wrote about fathers, daughters, and Andrew. I presented a lesson on Japanese Internment and the novel Farewell to Manzanar. I have learned so much about writing and responding and sharing. I am also two assignments behind, this is a fairly typical state for me when taking a class, so I am not stressed. I have had a cold for five days, yes five, the directions on the package of DayQuil say to consult with a physcian if you are sick for five days. I wonder why that is? Since I don't need a doctor's note to miss work, I'm not gonna spend money on a doctor.
I think the dogs are pissed at me, we haven't gone a walk for over five days, yes not surprising, but they like the walks. I like the walks. But, unlike when I just feel lazy and then guilty because I don't take them for longer walks, I am fairly guilt free this time. My tinnitus is driving me crazy. When I get a cold, like this one, my ears get plugged and the ringing is so loud at times that I have to turn up the TV or radio or iPod. And though I have become used to the always present slight ringing, so I am never in silence, ever; the extra loud ringing is driving me crazy. Ok, not literally crazy, but it is very annoying.
I hope my family comes to visit me soon. The only one who has seen my new apartment is Andrew and that is because I came and got him. I miss them. I think it will get worse once I am through with the Writing Project because I really don't have any friends here. It's all me, but no interaction will be lonely.
I really miss my family.

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