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November 18, 2012


I believe I have said this before, but I am a terrible blogger. I also suck at journaling regularly so I guess the two sort of go together. Nearly three months into school and I am losing my edge. I have probably one of the top four or five assistants of all time working with me this year and that makes things somewhat easier. What doesn't make things easier is not knowing what going on from day to day. Yes I have control of the night, but the afternoon is totally out of my control. Partly due to me and a huge part due to my co-teacher who thinks he is the "big boss" to quote him. He recently emailed me and told me I was taking over for him while he went on a fundraising run with the Kiwanas. He told me that I now have my chance to be the "big boss." Still not sure how to take that other than he thinks he is the boss and I am his peon. He certainly thinks of me in that way, again because of my inability to articulate myself.
Just when I thought we were moving out from under administrative scrutiny, we are back under the magnifying glass. This time because he didn't follow procedure, his excuse of course was that he only found out about the fundraising opportunity over the weekend and the Kiwanas meet on Tuesday and Monday was a holiday. Then we find out we can use our budget for what he was fundraising for. I am so very confused. But now I have to be forceful because it is likely he will try and consume my budget along with his for his choices without consultation from me. I dug myself into this, now I have to dig myself out.

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