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February 3, 2011

The new stove is finally here....

While I am still annoyed at Home Depot for making me wait so long for my stove, I must compliment the delivery guys. They were prompt and they were friendly and quick. Got the old stove out, man was it dirty underneath it, and the new one in pretty quickly.
Cooked in a real stove for the first time in about a year and a half. Broiled some chicken wings which I sloshed in butter and lemon juice and salted nicely with my "Grammy's Spiced Salt."
It is one of those fancy flat burner type stoves. The directions say that I shouldn't use my new cast iron skillet. Guess I will just have to ultra careful, cause I love my skillet. Properly seasoned it in my new stove too.
I also have a Kindle which I totally love. Had a heart stopping moment yesterday when all I couldn't get anything but a blank screen. Thank goodness for Best Buy Geeks, forgot the guy's name who helped me, but he knew what to do. Which sort of points a flaw in electronics they give great manuals, on the device, so when you can't get it to work you stuck. No, I'm not gonna print the damn thing out. Rebooting seems to cure Kindles much like it does errant PCs.
Bought a library card yesterday, yes bought, live outside the city so I have to pay $60 a year for the privlege, but man I forgot how fun it is to check out books and haul them home. Found a new place eat right underneath the library, smelled the dang food while I was browsing for books. Another thing that is cool about libraries, the physical browsing of books. Touching them, bending down to find the one you are looking for, and then carrying off your treasure! It's great and it's relatively quiet, nice!
Well, off to start reading my books... yeah!

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