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July 1, 2011

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Well the last time I tried to post I got an error message. I hope today is going to work out better for me. Tonight I am fixing a grilled chicken salad. Grilling a chicken breast, boiling some eggs to chop and add to the salad, Roma tomatoes, an avocado, sunflower seeds, and the salad mix from EZ Orchards. Oh and green onions. Should be tasty.
Matt and the girls are outside filling up water balloons, well Matt is filling and Lauren is breaking them as fast as he is filling. I do believe by his tone of voice that he will stop filling up balloons very soon if Lauren doesn't stop breaking them all.
Still job hunting, nothing much this week, last week was way more fruitful. Must have three every week and so far I am meeting that goal. Though I have to apply for some jobs I am marginally qualified for. Though those jobs hurt far less than when I get rejected than the ones I am over qualified for.
Back to the salad, Kelsey bought some nasty frozen chicken breasts and I am hoping that they will taste a bit better grilled, I am hopeful. The veggies I just bought at the EZ stand and they are all fresh, so that part will be very good and tasty. Then some fresh strawberries for dessert. If I am motivated maybe I will make some shortcake. I'll use Molly Wizenberg's chosen recipe from her blog this week.
I can smell the roses I picked yesterday, mmmmm, they are wafting aromatically over here because of the breeze. Smell like raspberries.

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