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December 25, 2011

Christmas Day

My first attempt at divinity in oh about 40 years. This batch looks strikingly similar to the one 40 years ago. Kind of sad, but I will try again.
Emma and I took a walk at the dam today. Smelled a skunk, luckily it stayed away from us and we from it. Also saw swans.

The dang birds always fly away. Skittery they are, which makes it difficult to take their pictures. The swan were on the other side of the pond so didn't take to wing before I got a picture.
Also took some pictures of the power lines, they looked sort of like robot guardians and they hummed and buzzed like crazy.

Also, the sage brush and other vegetation just looked cool. It was 27 degrees I discovered on our way back to the apartment. The sky this morning was beautifully red, pink, and orange. Which means, "red sky in morning sailors take warning." So I am hoping no warnings to drivers, just sailors. Driving into Salem tomorrow and back in one day so weather needs to be driveable, pretty please. I am hoping gas stays low until after I have gotten back from bringing Andrew back home.
I hope one and all have a good day filled with what is needed most.

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