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February 1, 2012

McNary Dam

Took the dogs to the Dam today and low and behold the water in the ponds and creeks was nearly gone. Freaked me out, I was afraid poor Mouse would topple into the goo as walked over the bridges, but the guy did great. Nearly blind and he has yet to run into anything lethal. He just jets along, or tries to as Emma has to pee on every bush we pass by. He peed maybe twice and pooped once. Emma peed about 20 times and pooped twice, the last time all over her ass. She was a very unhappy camper on the drive home because I put her in Mouse's travel crate. I think she was more angry about Mouse looking at her from outside the crate.
I'll post pictures of our new family member as soon as I connect my phone to my computer at home. The sunset was so very pretty tonight, cotton candy pink clouds, lined by silver grey interlopers. Still beautiful. I am really loving my new home here on the north east side of the mountains.

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