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February 18, 2012

Mouse and Emma

I was worried about Emma not liking Mouse, but she is slowly taking to him. Could be because he is male, or young, or blind, or just not confrontational. Though the little guy is pushing the limits, he is now going into Emma's crate and sneaking out her squeaky toys. Emma isn't a big squeaky toy kind of dog and she doesn't seem to care, though she keeps her eye on him when he is playing with her toys. He does have his own toy and this pay day he will get another. He'll also get another on the day he lose his balls, I don't fully sexed dogs or cats so he will have to go under the knife. I really don't understand why people keep their male dogs fully male. Ok, I personally think it is because if they are male and own a male dog they sort of have tranference issues about the whole emasculation thing. Get over it guys, if you aren't a breeder you don't need to have unneutered dogs or cats.
The park is finally back to normal, with water, but whatever they are building in front of the dam is freaking me out. Maybe it is my love of science fiction, but it looks crazy. I think it is some kind of water pipe, maybe something to do with the fish ladder? It is just weird looking and they, of course, aren't letting people get close because of "construction." Yes they are constructing something, but really? I'm not going to walk out on the dock they built, it would be cool, but I think most, ok, maybe only a few won't walk out there. It's too bad there is no longer any, "Go farther only at your own risk." We are becoming a society of wussies. Every kid on the team has to get a trophy or star even if they sucked the entire game. What are we teaching kids? In real life there are winners and losers and if you are playing a sport someone is going to win and someone is going to lose and playing a game that praises both winner and loser is just stupid. It teaches our children nothing about pride in doing a good job, in working hard toward a goal even if you don't win and always doing your best and knowing that and doing better the next time out is what makes for champions. Getting praise for sucking at something isn't teaching anyone anything. Really it isn't. Unless it is teaching other countries why we can't make decisions about serious issues anymore because somebodies feelings might be hurt. I so got off track. Oh well.
I'm not a political person, but this week's discussions regarding contraception is scaring me. I don't believe abortion should be used as birth control, but I do think birth control medications should be available to everyone. Having Senate Hearings without female voices about contraception is wrong-headed and sure to put Obama back in the White House. Yes I said it. While I don't think Obama believes abortion should be used as birth control, I do think he think believes it should be available to those who need it. Contraception is a personal issue and shouldn't be legislated or restricted by the government. As Catholic the issue is only in a long line of reasons why I no longer practice the Religion I was baptized into. But then I never took part in Confirmation, so maybe I'm not even a "real" Catholic. Which brings up another item on my list, sacraments as the only way in.
I shall stop now, because I have gotten way off track and I only wanted to post a pic of Emma and Mouse.

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