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April 15, 2012

Lack of writing

I really have no excuse why I haven't been writing lately. Just lazy. I am loving the Spring here in Hermiston! I am sitting here with my sliding glass door open and in a sleeveless shirt, how cool is that? I have just finished reading a wonderful book A Silence of Mockingbirds the Memoir of a Murder by Karen Zacharias. Ok, the subject matter isn't all that wonderful, but the read is.
I am also reading meeting faith An Inward Odyssey by Faith Adiele. Also a good book, not as wonderful as Karen's, but the kind I like. It also has a whole different take on religion and faith, for me that makes it a good read.
I am sitting here watching Mouse sink into the carpet face first as he falls into a deep sleep. As my colleague Becky says, "He is getting under my skin." I wanna squeeze that black pudgy guy every chance I get. Emma is splayed on the couch dreaming of going after some critter. Today we went to the Dam. I am leery of some spots there after our encounter with a horde of ticks on one of the trails. My head still itches when I think about it. Today we walked up to Spillway Park, which is still closed to cars, but seems open to those walk in. I really love walking up to the dam and seeing the water crash from the spillway to the river below. I let loose of Emma and Mouse, though they trailed their leashes. Emma went nuts dashing around the trees and Mouse. Poor guy can't keep up with her, his legs aren't designed that way. He finally gave up and laid down and panted as Emma dashed around. It was a great walk and we encountered no hordes of ticks.
I always say this, but I will say it again, I am going to try and discipline myself to write more. Every day would be good, but probably won't happen. So until then, happy trails and eating and reading and writing.

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