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April 21, 2012

I would like my family with a side of bacon

There is a blog I subscribe to that is named something like, "I'd like cheese over my entire family please." My really bad, for not being able to hold the name in my head with any type of certainty. I do love cheese, but I also love bacon. Ok, I love a lot of different kinds of food. Right now I am cooking, in my oven unfortunately, a beer can game hen. Since I still haven't forked over the cash for a BBQ at my new home, I have heat up my apartment. The good thing is the aroma is wonderful. I use Kona Brewery's Pipeline Porter when I can. It is only produced between October and January so I have to stock up. Which isn't hard since I am not a huge ale drinker. I think I have touted Pipeline Porter before, two of my favorite drinks a dark ale and COFFEE in a nice smooth ale. Yep you got it! COFFEE! I am not a fan of their ale with coconut, I do not like coconut at all. But hey, if anyone is reading this and they love coconut, Kona's ale for Spring is the one to buy. I don't the name but their website is,, just in case your mouth is watering. Mine is not as I am drinking the rest of the ale that I didn't pour into the Pepsi can, so I guess it is actually Pepsi/beer can game hen. No, I rinsed out the can so no Pepsi in there, though now that I think on it.
We went to the dam today, it is so nice and warm, perfect for walking. I saw my very first actual wild turtles, pictures to follow after I download them from my phone. They were sunning on a log in the middle of um... I think it is "Social Security" pond, don't ask me I was wondering the same thing. There was also a kid's fishing derby happening at one of the other ponds. A very populated park, but they still don't have Spillway Park open for the season. Weirdness.
Since my apartment is already steaming I think I will make some mashed potatoes to with the game hen. No bacon today. Sad.

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