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January 16, 2011

Managing pain and eating well

Nope, I'm not going tell you how to eat well and be pain free, because I have no clue. I have to be satisfied that the pain I have in my hands, hips, knees, and feet is not so bad that I can't walk or drive places. Today my feet really hurt and I woke up with pain in my hands, but I just push on. I don't do all that much right now, so I hope when I do find a job that the pain doesn't increase with my activity.
Having roasted game hen tonight, not sure what else, other than I have had Minute Rice three nights in a row and I'm not having it tonight.
Sipping some Fat Tire and waiting for the hen to cook. I do love a good ale. I really like Pelican Ale but I can only get it by the huge bottle here in Salem, so I have to really want it to buy it since it costs for the one bottle about half of Fat Tire, Long Board, Moose Drool, or any of the other ales I sample from time to time.

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