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October 2, 2011

Field trips and walking

On Friday walked with Joseph's classes to the CSEPP offices. Not sure I spelled the acronym right, but it is the organization originally created to educate the public in case of an accident with chemicals at the Umatilla Depot. I guess I knew there was Serin at the Depot, but since I lived so far away never really paid much attention to that or the discussions about the VX Gas that was there too. It was very interesting to listen to the speaker talk so nonchalantly about the Serin that was destroyed. One drop of Serin in a subway in Japan killed a lot of people. But I kept my mouth shut, also kept it shut during the VX discussion. Mustard Gas is the only chemical weapon left and they expect to be rid of it by the end of October.
I think it was more the nonchalant attitude that disturbed me, than the fact that the agents were housed there. They are supposed to clean it all up and leave it as they found it 1941. Personally I think they should utilize those igloos for something productive. A military museum would be nice, I like museums. Also maybe a museum/natural history site. Like those too. I know I hear a lot about The Gorge and the Columbia, but not a whole lot about the upper Columbia. I don't think museums are huge tourist draws, but maybe this one would be.
Emma and I took a shorter walk today, but we did walk so that is a good thing. The walking combined with eating my biggest meal in the morning is turning out to be a good thing, I'm losing a bit of weight. Not a whole lot, because I don't exercise other than the walking, but any little helps.

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