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October 14, 2011


Emma did very well with being alone overnight. I didn't have to repaint or anything. We drove to Salem this weekend so I could go to a conference today about alternative schools. I learned that I need to learn more. Emma and Trixie are being let for alternate periods of time because they can't seem to get along with each.
Right now the beautiful Alexis is bothering me, I so don't care she is too cute. She was playing hide and seek with her daddy and telling him, "No," each time he tried to get her to look for him.
That is one of the things I miss so very much. Not the waking me up early in the morning, but the cuteness of the two them.
Lauren is loving school and Kelsey is doing a good job at her focused. Andrew is having a very hard time, said inappropriate things to some girls and got in a fight. Part of me says, Brandon sort of deserves this for his bad school behavior, but he wasn't in middle school. Oh well, it will all work out I am sure.

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