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October 4, 2011


I am enjoying my walks more and more even though I basically walk the same route every time. I am thinking a venture into town, yes with Emma, might be the next walk. Probably on a Saturday or Sunday. Less vehicle traffic and stress for Emma. I won't be able to stop in the shops, but I can get a look at them and come at another time without Emma.
Emma is going to be very annoyed with me on Thursday she will in the bathroom for about 24 hours alone. I hate to do that, but I can't afford to kennel her. I'll have to get her shots at the end of the month and then the expense won't be so onerous. Man shots went up since the last time I had her in. If I had the money on the 15th I would take her into Silvercreek when we are in town, but even if it is less there than at Hermiston Vet Clinic. Money is tight.... I am so hoping that stress will even out once the regular paychecks come.
Emma has made a right mess of one of her pillows, only insides are left.
Picture to follow as it is on my phone, not the computer.

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