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November 4, 2011

Traveling around the area

Finally took the time to travel a bit, had the gas and money for a tank more so I went on a little drive after spending a hefty amount on winter attire. Still need pants and some boots, oh and four snow tires. It has already snowed in the hills around here, so winter is a coming.

The first picture has actually become the beginning of my new life. I took this while on my way to my interview at Hermiston High School. The next pictures are from Hat Rock State Park. Emma and I journeyed there last Sunday. Hat Rock was mentioned in the journals of Lewis and Clark. I read a marker placed by local tribes, I think, that says while Lewis and Clark mentioned Hat Rock sitting there all solitary, they didn't mention the three sisters that they had to have passed on their way down the River. Legend has it that three sisters angered the Creator, again my memory has failed me, and he cast them into the three stone pillars. Only two are now visible, the third being covered by the River. Emma and I will have take the long trip, on the way to Walla Walla, in the future so I can photograph them as well.

Not sure what happened with two of the pictures, but stand up and tilt your head and you will see the locks at McNary Dam and a shot of the Columbia.

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