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Are we where we live?

November 15, 2011


Emma and I have had to conserve gas so we haven't had any treks to parks in the last week. But I have found I still marvel at the landscape here. Even from the same location. I can see The Butte, a nice place to hike and climb I understand if you don't get stopped by the RATTLE SNAKES! Vipers are sort of like scorpions in my book, oh and there are scorpions here as well. Spiders freak me out, especially the one I saw a month or so ago that I swear was over three inches in diameter. Its size could be due to the fact that it was dark and it sort of dropped out of a tree just in front of and above head and scared the shit out of me. It was oblivious to me and of course it did not concern Emma one bit.
Ok, gross I am listening to the Audiobook "Phantoms" by Dean Koontz, and the narrator just described a man who's brain, face, and tongue were sucked up by a huge moth. Heh, my mom hated moths, now I know why.

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