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November 6, 2011

Nature Trails at McNary Dam

Emma and I went to McNary Dam today for a long walk. Lots of trails and lots of ways to get lost, I think I spent a lot of time trying to orient myself to where we were in relation to the car. The trails are nicely maintained, though people need to pick up after their dogs more than they seem to. I know some was wild creature poo, but really taking your dog to the park and letting them poop on the trail where people walk? Really?

One reason I didn't get lost was they had these cool images painted on rocks. Ok, I still would have got lost if I wasn't paying attention. They have trails through the wetland area, which if I lived in the bayous I would have worried about Emma and me becoming alligator lunches. There were ducks everywhere and they are very a jumpy bunch, hence I didn't get any pictures of them. Perhaps some people don't understand the wildlife refuge part of the equation. I guess people could also be scaring the poor things on purpose, but people wouldn't do that would they?

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