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May 22, 2011

Family and ...

In the background Kelsey, Matt, and the girls are eating spaghetti. I am still feeling funky from my steak and egg lunch. I am trying to eat a big lunch and a lighter dinner in an attempt to work off calories. Not that I exercise or anything, but maybe it will help a bit. Every bit helps. I would very much like to go to the park and walk every day, but right now I can't afford the gas. Two bills are behind by a month and I'm not sure when I will be able to catch them up if Kelsey and Matt don't start helping me with the household bills. I hate to ask them, maybe that is one of the things that is depressing me.
Anyway, unemployment does not allow you any kind of wiggle room what so ever. If I could get Kelsey to go shopping, that is one they help me out as they get food stamps so adding the things I need doesn't hurt them, anyway again, Kelsey hates to grocery shop, as do I, but I do like browsing when I get there and Kelsey hates that. I always have list via a blackberry app called OurGroceries so I know what I want. I try to have one new recipe to try. I just read Molly Wizenberg's blog Orangette and I may have more than one recipe this week if I can get Kelsey to the darn store. You should check out her blog which is on the left side of my blog.
I am so pumped to watch Jesse Stone tonight. I love Tom Selleck. Sighing deeply, what a hunk.

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