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May 25, 2011

Restored, somewhat

I knew coming to the library would restore a bit of myself. Started Crystal Singer by Anne Mccaffrey and found a quote that sort of applies "Then she realized her despondency was merely self-pity...." Self-pity is one of those things that you find yourself in and then have to struggle back out of. Yes, I think a part of my depression is self-pity and poor poor me attitude, there is also just the general anger with family that I really can't do anything about.
I purposely don't pick up after the girls or Kelsey or Matt for that matter. Though I have to do the dishes, which usually requires doing theirs as well. I also from time to time have to do their laundry because Kelsey always starts it, but rarely ever finishes it. I don't like doing laundry either, which is why I do it each time I have a full load. Kelsey, of course, has a full load nearly daily and that's a bummer, but if she did one load each day that's all she would be doing and not up to ten loads in one day. When that happens she, of course, over fills the washer and is probably wearing it out twice as fast as she would if she would do one nearly full load a day. When I suggest it, she gets angry with me.
I would have to say that being the library actually does restore me. Whether it is because I am just getting out of the house or because the relaxed atmosphere actually does restore me. Well the time is about run out on my parking meter so I have to go. Back at it later, I hope.

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