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July 23, 2010

Day two

I decided to go the other way on Wednesday. Again, I thought I might die before I got back to my FJ, but I obviously didn't.
Thursday and today, Friday, I did not go out. Women who tell you they love when their periods stop are so right. Have'nt had one since January and it returned yesterday with a vengeance! Truly, annoying. Today I walked from Marion street to um... well past Front street to deliver some papers for my daughter. Salem and Marion County need to plan their road construction better. Heh! I totally understand they have to get the work done now and the whole stimulus thing. Hopefully, the crews working in Salem are better painters than the crews who repaved and repainted the lines on Hwy 22 between Salem and Willamina, because those guys had to be smoking some gonja while they were working. Speaking of the illegal weed, saw two young men sharing some green herb on the corner of Trade and um maybe Liberty. Out in the open! They have bigger balls than I do! Well ... they have freaking balls so.... And, no, I didn't call it in.
Hopefully, tomorrow I will be out riding my bike in the morning and floating in Brandon's pool in the afternoon.

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