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July 25, 2010

Family Time

Spent the afternoon with half of my family yesterday. Playing in their pool and getting my typical sunburn which gone this morning.
I'm thinking tomorrow I'll be able to go to the park again. The whole womanly time thing is finally slowing down.
As I was lounging in Brandon's pool with only Raven as company I realized how noisey it is at Brandon's house. Since my pool is toast I am floating in his now from time to time and it isn't at all quiet up there. It is relaxing, just not as quiet. I love floating. I really miss going to the North Fork. I wish I had the foresight that Margaret and her brother did and purchase a space at Taylor Park and keep it until I could move into dad's spot! Stupid of me not to think of that! Oh well, stuck with chlorinated pools now.
Done with dogsitting, sorta miss that crazy Raven though. She is always so happy and loving.

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