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July 23, 2010

More Angry People

Ok, I was one of the angry ones, but man I wish I didn't have to drive in town at all. People walking and on bikes seem to think that drivers can four directions at the same time. Course some drivers think the same thing. When I was walking downtown I always looked both ways even on the one ways. Good thing too, because after I was back in the FJ driving down Summer street where it changes from one way to two and a PT Cruiser pulls up on my left side, in the wrong lane.  Heh!
People, smart looking people, cross against the lights because no cars are coming at the moment. People on bikes turn without using hand signals. Shoot I was in the park the other day and this lady was using hand signals the whole, even when she wasn't having to worry about cars running her over.
Which brings up merging... I hate merging and I really hate it when people don't read signs telling their lane will be closed and then when they see it for themselves get all annoyed when people don't let them in. Truly annoying.
That was cathartic... but I'm still mad at Kelsey... never mind...

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