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July 18, 2010

Watching Tour of Duty

So, I put Tour of Duty on my Netflix que when I was teaching Global Issues and US History. Finally getting a chance to watch the old episodes. Having a lot of time on my hands and realizing some underlying philosophies in this show. Should have known even back when it was on TV, but I had other priorities back then.
I remember not liking the officers at all. While I can now look at them with a different mindset, I see that maybe they were created to illustrate the total stupidness of the War in Vietnam. I think of how what we are doing now is similar to Vietnam. I doubt I am the first, maybe even Korea. The U.S. always sticking its nose places it probably doesn't belong not for the good of indigenous people, but for the show of might.
There is even an objector that I totally don't remember! He makes the foil to the gunho attitude of the grunts and NCOs. Gunho, of course, is good when you are fighting. Not so much when you come home.

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