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April 27, 2011

At the Library

On my laptop at the Library and I am ... I guess livid is the word. I haven't been on my laptop for a few weeks and maybe the last time I was I didn't notice, but Kelsey and Matt have loaded stuff on it that I do not want, like Safari, though I think that is Kelsey because she is always in a hurry and just clicks shit to get it out of her way. The games take a lot of space, but not a huge deal, but making MSN the homepage on Firefox is a big deal. Again because she clicks to get things out of her way, much like Lauren does. Lauren who is four and shouldn't be fucking with my computers in the first place without someone sitting with her and watching her. You have to sit with her, because she just clicks merrily away and has up to ten windows open for the same game at the same time.
Ahhh, that felt better.
I totally forgot to check the time when I plopped money in the meter, I think I got here at 11 so I have about an hour and a half until I have either feed the meter, which would be a total pain because I have to pack up everything and walk out to the parking lot.
The library is a noisy place/space. Interesting since I thought it was supposed to be quiet space. But oh well. I got the next book for my reading circle, A Homemade Life by Molly Wizenberg. Probably will buy it on my Kindle as it has recipes and I think she may be close to my heart. Funny how many of the books we have read so far, well when I started, have really touched my heart. I've talked about them before so I won't do it here. I have just read the book jacket and already I know I will get it for my Kindle.

So I'm recommending it before I even get into the meat of it! Molly also has a blog
I'll be adding the blog to my list shortly. Not that it really matters as no one reads my blog, but just in case.

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