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April 16, 2011

End of the day

A fairly relaxing day. Made a late late brunch for Andrew and Lauren, eggs, toast, fried potatoes (or taters as Lauren calls them), and bacon.
Andrew and Lauren played ok today. Andrew is becoming a tween and is forgetting that Lauren is only four, so he must be reminded from time to time.
Meagan made me so angry today, I always hold my tongue because I never know if its the big M raising it's head or just me. So, she calls and asks if Andrew wants to come down to see two of their (Brandon and Meagan) friends. Andrew lounging on his bed watching toons with Lauren says no. I say to Meagan give me a minute I'll talk to him and she says back to me, No! We're leaving! I come to find out that Jesse was there and the kids of their friends. She never said that to me. So, what do they do? They go have a great fun day and end it at the pizza parlor playing laser tag. As you can all see I am still angry, which gives weight to the big M, more than me. Though I can hold a grudge for a very long time.
I am just so angry. It is as if she really didn't want him to come along and kept the fun stuff to herself knowing he'd rather stay with me and play with Lauren. A cleansing breath does help. I know for Meagan it is a balancing act, because Andrew is her step-son. Jesse never comes down here for the weekend or even just over night. Of course, Andrew doesn't ever go to his step-grandparents overnight either. Part of that is because Andrew lived with me for nearly a year when he was little. Andrew doesn't have the rich grandparent unfortunately for him, but he does have his own room here though Lauren has sort of taken it over. I worry about him far more than I worry about Jesse and that really bothers me, really really bothers me. I love them both so much.

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