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April 3, 2011

Wave Cable

While I had issues with my previous Internet and Cable provider, Country Cable, I am having more issues with Wave Cable. I have had a number of problems since the take over was announced with the service. On the 18th the cable was skipping and the Internet was working fine. On the 31st I lost single for four channels. Yesterday first my Internet went out and then Showtime and TMC channels went out. I called on each of those occassions and got a person out here only once. The excuse I keep getting is that, "We haven't switched all the way over, blah blah, yada yada." Well if you weren't ready to switch over I guess you shouldn't have fired all the Country Cable service guys. They weren't the most notable of service personnel, but they at least called and asked if there was still a problem. I have gotten zero, yes ZERO, call backs from Wave Cable. I shall say it again ZERO call backs.
I am sick of their excuses. It isn't the call peoples issue, it is a Wave Cable issue. If they didn't have the man or woman power to accomplish the takeover then it shouldn't have happened with no backup plan for servicing Country Cable customers.
I guess we'll see. I have already made my annoyance known to people around my neighborhood who don't have all the services that Wave Cable will be offering. They are all second guessing whether to drop their satellite coverage for Wave Cable.
Customer satisfaction should be number one, I would hate to think that I am the only one who is not getting the service I need.

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