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April 7, 2011

Lazy days and Thursdays

I sometimes think I must disassociate or something. It's already after 5pm and while I remember the time ticking away, it seems to have gone by so very quickly. I actually accomplished a lot today, well job search-wise anyway.
I sort of have a system one day I search through edzapp, which is the open teacher jobs website, and then the government open jobs. Well, Marion County, Salem, and the state of Oregon. Switch back and forth on alternating days.
Got a letter from the Employment Department telling me to come and discuss, "your current work search, your reemployment prospects and other job search activities." If I don't attend the meeting I could lose my benefits. Right I've been looking for five weeks and they think, what? What exactly do they think? Do they make all those who are getting the extended benefits prove they are actually, wait, "actively," looking for a job? I probably spend each day looking for work. It isn't like I'm getting this money, a huge sum, for just sitting around and doing nothing to look for a job.
I have never been without a job, ok when I was married and when I was going to college, but I haven't been on the public dole since my kids were little and I was forbidden to go to college. It is all very surreal to me.
There are probably people out there who are just filling out the form each week and not actually looking for work, but how many are out there? I've even applied to jobs outside of education, but still nothing.
I am struggling to pay my bills, no way would I not want a job so that I can relax just a bit.
The next huge question of the day? What to have for dinner? Sigh...

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