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April 16, 2011

Tax day

I must complete my taxes this weekend. I have waited until the last minute since I have had to pay my taxes. No reason to get them done in January when I'm not getting any money back right?
This year is going to be very very hard to pay those taxes. My unemployment doesn't even allow me to pay my regular bills, how am I going to pay the two to three hundred in taxes to the state and irs? Any time you pay them in installments you have to pay interest. I wonder if the grand Congress will ever get around to reforming that? They can't agree on a general budget. That is what scares me more, the cuts they want to make. The Pentagon gets a raise and the rest of the us who are struggling are losing even services. The soldiers are the only ones who deserve any kind of raise. Married a soldier a lifetime ago and the pay then was sad and should have embarrassed Congress. I am guessing it is still embarrassing. The men and women who defend us, rightly or wrongly, they are doing their jobs what they have been ordered to do and should get paid accordingly. Ever been on an service base? Again, a lifetime ago, I lived on one. The every day soldier got the ghetto housing and the officers got the middle class housing. At least at Ft Lewis, now called umm, Ft Lewis McCord Joint Base, not sure of the spelling or which goes first. Just as my divorce was getting going the housing situation began to upgrade a bit. Nice housing, again dependent upon your rank. Remember rank has its privileges.
The debate about bases goes on and on. Personally I don't think we should be in Korea, Japan, Germany, etc. We should upgrade our bases at home and maybe reopen a few, but we shouldn't have permanent bases outside the US. I so do not want to be in the same group as Glenn Beck or Sean Hannity. Trump or Palin either for that matter. But if I have to then for this opinion, I will hold my nose and tongue.
Currently, I am watching a documentary on HBO about guns. I don't particularly like guns, they are loud and they kill living things. I am not against hunting. I am not particularly against open carry either. I am not against handguns or rifles. What I am against is automatic weapons for anyone except police or military, well and only when any of them are on duty. Automatic weapons are here for only one reason and that is to kill people. Any idiot who says that they need an automatic weapon to go hunting is an idiot. Did I say they were idiots? Only idiots want to shoot something that can't shoot back with an automatic weapon. The NRA is always quick to say that the mass shootings are acts committed by criminals. But how did the criminals get the guns in the first place? Oh that's right from other criminals or from gun shows where the private citizen can sell anything to anyone.

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