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April 17, 2011

Spring is nearly here, I think so going through my cupboards

It was a beautiful day today! Kids played outside and Andrew tagged up one of the dining trays with, "I <3 Remi." So cute, hopefully his parents don't make too much fun of him. But it was really cute.
Went through my cupboards, they look well stocked

but most of it is junk food. Gotta love my daughter. Lots and lots of cereal, I do love cereal. But nothing really to cook a meal with on the fly. My other cupboards coming up later this week. Trying a new drink V8 Fusion berry pomegranate. I love pomegranates! Lots of packaging in that cupboard, Amy would not be pleased with me. Check out Amy's blog on how to go green, The link to her blog is on the left. Take a gander at the books I'm reading right now. The widget, Shelfari is really cool and easy to put on your blog.
I feel as if my blog no longer is about the Suburban Omnivore. I don't talk about food enough, so I am going to try and change that. Hence, the cupboard pictures. Sort of a way for me to see what I have and what I may need. I would love to be more like my friend and former colleague Amy Korst, who lives the green life. But it is so much work and well while I love working, becoming more green is a process for me. I'm doing better, I recycle with the mixed recycling bin and I return my beer bottles for cash, ok not religiously, but I do eventually get them to the bottle return. The pop and beer cans get put in the mixed recycling, though I think Matt's broken truck is nearly full of plastic, sorry Amy, garbage bags of pop and beer cans. That is about it for the recycling. It certainly does cut down on the amount trash we generate, though I have to admit that I do throw into the trash far too many half eaten yogurt cups. I sometimes actually rinse them out, but usually not so much.
As spring gets herself into gear, I'll do more foraging. Still trying to figure out if I am going to cook some dandelion greens. One of the facebook pages I follow has a recipe, may try it. I've got dandelions all over the damn place so I think I could gather up enough for something. Most of my foraging will of course be at the local fruit and vegetable stands. I will be traveling down the coast at the beginning of May for a job interview and I am going to try and find some new places.

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