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April 4, 2011

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Just tip toed through some other blogs and I am wishing I was more creative. Maybe I am and just don't know it. I've added two to follow. As usual I am likely talking to myself, but coming here and writing is making me feel lighter. Does that make sense? It is a way to unburden myself maybe? Get that chip or monkey off and onto paper, er... cyberspace. I think it is probably time to talk about books I am reading or have read recently. Chosen by a Horse by Susan Richards is a must read for horse people.
Chosen by a Horse I'm getting ready to read Shimmering Images by Lisa Norton. Not a memoir but a how to memoir book. Waiting for it to arrive at the library, if it's good I will buy it for my kindle.
Shimmering Images: A Handy Little Guide to Writing MemoirI love my kindle. I also love reading paper books too, but the kindle is so dang handy to just drop in my purse or computer bag and take with me. I think there are about 100 books on it right now, some I got for .99! That was a bad day, bought about ten of them for .99 to about 1.99. I think my last purchase, for more than 1.99, was Tears of a Clown Tears of a Clown: Glenn Beck and the Tea Bagging of America I really don't like Glenn Beck, and Dana Milbank does a fairly even-handed job of describing Beck. Well, I think it's even-handed, so being a Beck disliker, I don't hate too many people, so disliker is better for me. Anyway my opinion is obviously coming from a person who thinks Beck is an idiot. The sad thing is, he doesn't fit the idiot profile because he is on TV with his own show and making bank.
Other books on my kindle Alice in Wonderland Peter Pan (Modern Library Classics) The Complete Father Brown Mysteries ($.99 Mystery Classics)The Jungle (Enriched Classics)The Dragonriders of Pern Another cool thing about the kindle is that you can download samples of the books you may want to purchase for free. For me that is great, because I am stuck with books I thought would be good, but aren't. My strategy is to download a sample and then if I like it check it out of the library. Then if I can't put it down and want to keep a copy for myself buy it. Convoluted yes, but it works for me and since I am still unemployed gives me something semi-productive to do. Unemployment annoyances are for another posting.

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